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What Is a Dental Emergency?

At Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry, we provide the highest standard of quality care in a safe, caring and child-friendly environment. Our doctors, Reinaldo Negron, DDS, MSD and Leticia Mendoza-Sobel, DDS strive to offer a highly professional and personalized client service. We are committed to treating all of our patients according to their needs. We treat you the way we would like to be treated!

Risk Assessment

Our exceptional clinical competence is founded on evidence-based facts and individual risk assessment. Risk assessment measures both the likelihood and the impact of a consequence, which helps us decide if (or when) a procedure is appropriate. By using risk assessment, we tailor our young patients’ treatment plans to their specific circumstances. If you are looking for unparalleled custom care for your child, call us! Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number 510-652-2603

Infant Oral Health

Has your baby’s first tooth appeared? It is ideal to make his or her first appointment with us when the first tooth appears or no later than the first birthday. When it comes to oral health, identifying potential problems early on is best! Call us now to schedule your baby’s first appointment! Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number 510-652-2603

Preventive Care

Help your child develop good oral health habits for a lifetime with us! We have various tools at our disposal to help your child prevent cavities, including preventative check-ups, educative oral hygiene instruction, fluoride treatments, or nutrition counseling. Let’s work together to care for your child’s overall well-being. Call us for exceptional dental care! Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry Phone Number 510-652-2603

Safety Measures

We do our best to consistently follow routine CDC-based infection control protocols and utilize digital radiography to minimize your child’s exposure to radiation. Consistency is key in minimizing unnecessary risks, and we take pride in keeping our precious little patients safe!

As pediatric dentists, we know children have a hard time sitting still. To keep your child focused and engaged, our practice has monitors at each dental chair, displaying favorite shows and oral health videos. We look forward to making your child’s experience fun and exciting!

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