Photo Gallery
Pediatric Dental Pictures, Piedmont CA

Below are pictures of teeth that show the importance of good dental hygiene for children.

Happy Teeth!

photo of healthy teeth

Effective toothbrushing disrupts the colonization of bacteria on the tooth. Toothbrushing, fluoride, and proper diet all contribute to healthy teeth.

White Spot Lesions

photo of teeth with dissolving enamel

This enamel has begun to demineralize or dissolve. With proper tooth cleaning and fluoride applications, this process can be reversed. Application of fluoride varnish will aid in the remineralization (reversal) of this enamel lesion.

Early Caries

photo of teeth with early caries

A dental visit is needed because tooth decay has started.

Severe Caries

photo of teeth with severe cavities

If you see this, the child needs a dental visit as soon as possible. Monitor the “gums” for evidence of a swelling (infection).